So many people believe that quitting porn is equivalent to suppression of one’s pleasure and desire.
They further believe that porn is harmless and does not impact one’s body at all.

To them I would say, why don’t you try to quit for 1 month and see what happens?


Pornography has a destructive impact on one’s brain and body.
Literally, your physical brain is changing due to your addiction and/or quitting the activity.

So here are what you are going to experience if you decided to quit for a month, two, a year or forever.

 1. Withdrawal and Craving.

It is not going to be easy in the first few days or weeks. Since you have trained your brain to the sexual pleasure of porn, the hormones in your brain will be released and dropped in massive quantity, and as a result, your entire brain system will be disrupted. To be more accurate, the whole period is not going to be easy. And if you are mentally prepared for this tough stage, then you are about to quit for life.

BUT DO NOT WORRY, it’s only a phase that if you passed it successfully, the rest is easier.


2. Productivity.

Let me ask you this. Will be able to count the number of hours that you have been wasting in watching porn? How many sleepless nights you have experienced in grieve as a result of your addiction?

When you quit porn, you will suddenly have plenty of time to spend on doing something more productive and beneficial. Plus, you will be able to sleep enough and regain your focus and mental clarity. Hence, you will be able to work and study better. fgdfgdfghdfvdfgdfsgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfdfgdf

3. Leaving fantasy.

Porn addicts are living within a fantasy cycle of objectifying daydream and imagination. They have lost the sense of what sexual intimacy really is and all what they know about it is what they see on screens.

When you quit porn, within few weeks you will lose that sense of objectification and will be able to communicate with the opposite gender without having a dirty picture in your brain about them. fdsgfdsgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgfdgd


4. Better sexual life.

Most addicts that I have coached in the past have confessed that they are very worry to have a real partner. And that’s because they have conditioned their brains to taste the sexual pleasure without a real life partner.

When you quit porn you will be able to regain this power which our Creator had given us for a purpose. And since you are a human being, then keep that pleasure for another human being and not to a computer. Once you condition your brain to the real life experience of lawful sexual intimacy, then your sexual life will improve to the better.

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